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February 25, 2018

Fort Matanzas

By: Jamie Narehood

Fort Matanzas

Fort Matanzas National Monument St Augustine FL

Fort Matanzas National Monument
8635 A1A S, St Augustine, FL 32080

A remote location, a massacre, the British threat, the unforgiving ecosystem – just part of daily life for the soldiers at Fort Matanzas.Coastal Florida was a major field of conflict as European nations fought for control in the New World. As part of this struggle, Fort Matanzas guarded St. Augustine’s southern river approach. 

If you like to tromp around historic sites, climb ladders, and really feel like you’re “back in the day”, this national monument is perfect for those who like to have a real-time-in-old-time experience, shimmy up and down ladders, etc. CLICK HERE for ferry departure times and fees.

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