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February 4, 2018

Celtic Music and Heritage Festival in March

By: Jamie Narehood

Celtic Music and Heritage Festival in March

St. Augustine's Famous
Annual Celtic Music and Heritage Festival
March 9-11, 2018

Translation: Health/Cheers!

Springtime in St Augustine FL is just wonderful. Flowers bloom, the fish jump about, the beaches sparkle. It is also the time when tourists and locals await anxiously for the Celtic Music & Heritage Festival Weekend -- when everyone in town will be sport’n their best green attire, emerald beads, enormous sunglasses, and shamrock-covered hats. The music is masterful, the food fun, and the whiskey wet. Click the links below to visit the event's website, but don't leave before checking out Albannach's video. You might think you're not into a Celtic Festival, but Albannach's music will speak to the Celt-lover deep inside you!

Performers   |  Whiskey Tasting Event   |   Highland Games

St Augustine Festival - Celtic




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