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Paranormal Passtimes in St. Augustine
Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. [Albert Einstein]

Ghosts & Gravestones $26 pp

Hop on board the trolley of the doomed as your Ghost Host entrances you with tales of misfortune and mayhem. Hear accounts of long-gone residents who can still be seen in numerous locations around the city. The tumultuous past transcends into the present as we travel through the ancient city. The stories you’ll hear come from years of research, personal accounts, and hauntingly real-life experiences. Purchase youg G&G tickets when you book your room!

Ancient City Walking Tour $14 pp
Join the Ancient City storytellers as they take you through the old city visiting some of their favorite haunts. Begin in the Love Tree Cottage and then stroll the darken streets, hearing stories of the long deceased residents who have not moved on, visiting (2) two cemeteries along the way and ending in the tour in the Spanish Military Hospital, one of the most haunted buildings in the United States. This is the only ghost tour in town that takes you into Two Haunted buildings! Reservations required: call 904.827.0807

Become a Paranormal Field Investigator for the night! $35 pp
A small group experience, this interactive walking tour will introduce you to the investigation of St. Augustine’s haunted sites. You will learn how to assess seeming haunted phenomena and what factors compromise an actual haunting. You will be instructed in what kind of phenomena make a “genuine haunting”, how to approach investigating such phenomena, to employ your senses and respect your own psychic feelings, and use basic equipment such as the electromagnetic field meter. Reservations required; call 904.814.8446

Layers of History & Haunts $22 pp
Friday night tour series (EMF meters included). Saturday night Candlelight Tour. St Augustine’s legendary hauntings have been documented by thousands. Now you can experience what so many already know—the dead do not rest. For the first time, Potter’s Wax Museum has opened it’s doors to let you explore what we have experienced for years in this building.Come join us and confront the reality of “what lies beneath”. Reservations required: call 904.829.9056

Through The Keyhole $20 pp
Recreate the Victorian's clandestine moments behind closed doors in the upstairs quarters of the Spice & Tea Exchange. You’ll be transported back in time to learn the bygone taboos of mystic parlor games—tea-leaf reading, pendulum dowsing, and talking spirit board. Learn the similarities between modern day metaphysics & age-old superstitions. Reservations required; call 904.315.6094