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Win A Pirate Weddin' OnBoard The Black Raven

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What Do The Black Raven Pirate Ship and The Newlywed Game Have in Common?
By Jamie Narehood

I took an online “get your pirate name” quiz and acquired the delightful name of Fancy Pants Penny but was simultaneously referred to as the Piratess who couldn’t pour a particular liquid out of her boot, even with the instructions written on the heel. Probably true! But I’d still love to play pirate and would extra-love to do a that’s-so-Saint-Augustine wedding onboard the Black Raven Pirate Ship!

If that sort of thing “floats your boat” too (sorry, I had to say it), well guess what ladies … you just might win a free wedding! All you have to do is write a 100- to 150-word narrative, introducing you and your groom-to-be, telling why you would be the perfect couple for a complimentary Buccaneer weddin’ onboard The Black Raven on December 8, 2012. That happens to be the date for the Annual Regatta of Lights, a Nights of Lights annual event hosted by the St. Augustine Yacht Club that celebrates with a parade the maritime roots and rich nautical heritage of the Ancient City. You can bring along 10 of your best buckos (friends and family) to join the fun. The trip is open to the general public, so if you enjoy being front and center, the stage is yours in that moment! The ceremony will be performed at the decorated-for-the-occasion forecastle wedding altar, and Pirate Oly Mackerel will officiate. You’ll enjoy a pirate toast, exclusive use of the forecastle (raised deck at the bow), and a commemorative Black Raven wedding certificate. Scurvy pirate garb encouraged but not required; it’s always “a nice day for a white wedding” onboard The Black Raven.

Deadline for submission is Tuesday, November 6, with the winning couple to be announced on Thursday, November 8. Be sure to include the name of bride and groom, your phone number and email address and your 100- to 150_word plea. Email your entry to or stop by The Black Raven Ship Store at the Marina at 111 Avenida Menendez, just south of the Bridge of Lions.

It would seem that producers at the Game Show Network (GSN) in New York apparently are fans of pirate weddings too, as they approached The Black Raven’s Grace Sparrow in search of potential contestants for the nationally televised The Newlywed Show. They were in search of couples who, garbed in pirate attire, were wed onboard The Black Raven.

For those unfamiliar with the show, this was a 1966 ABC original, hosted by Bob Eubanks. Each segment featured three newly married couples, and Eubanks was fast famous for comedically coaxing contestants to give hilariously awkward answers to fun and silly questions like “Would your wife say she last stuck her nose in your business or you stuck yours in hers?” or “If your spouse was a cartoon character, which one would he/she be?” The modern installment too showcases three newly married couples, each competing for a second honeymoon by correctly answering questions that range from the first time they met to details of their love life. The View’s Sherri Shepherd is host.

Eve & Dan McKay and Nicholas & Brittany Schevikhoven, both married onboard The Black Raven, were the chosen couples who went to New York for taping. The new season aired on October 25, so stay tuned to Grace Sparrow’s Facebook page (via The Black Raven’s website) for details about when the McKays and the Schevikhovens will be on TV and of course to find out who won! In the meantime, check out YouTube clips of the original show or catch the real deal via the Game Show Network on Thursdays at 8 pm EST.

Coincidentally, The Black Raven also hosts the Port Royal Wedding whereby you rent the entire ship, with the Captain, crew, and cash bar/bartender at your disposal. Only your invited guests are permitted onboard. How fun would that be?!?

The 21+ Cruise on Friday and Saturday nights is a rich blend of skits, stories, trivia, songs (all performed by exceptionally talented entertainers, singers, and actors) and drink (enjoy your favorite libation in their fully licensed bar)—the perfect bachelor(ette) party scenario! The language and the song lyrics are somewhat different, more adult oriented, and may not be suitable for everybody, but if you wish to join th' a ruckus, about 30 doubloons ($29.95) will get ye onboard.

Bayfront Westcott House Bed and Breakfast is right across the street from where The Black Raven Pirate Ship is anchored, making it the perfect St. Augustine lodging choice! It couldn't be more convenient!

Visit to see how to best bust out the pirate person within!