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Matchbox Twenty Hits the St. Augustine Stage!

The Early Nineties brought us the birth of the grunge movement. Nirvana and Pearl Jam topped the charts to the delight of flannel shirt and Doc Marten wearers everywhere. Mosh pits replaced the flame of a lighter. Aggressive music was no doubt the order of the day, and garage bands rejoiced over lyrics that were so gritty it had parents of this generation’s teens praying for a new wave in music. In 1996, that new wave would come in the form of Blues Traveler, Dave Matthews Band, and Matchbox Twenty.

Matchbox Twenty (aka Matchbox 20) was not a garage band nor was it a “fabricated” band like so many that we know coming out of Orlando, Florida. Rob Thomas, the lead singer, born on an army base in Germany, spent most his life going between his grandmother’s house in South Carolina to his mother’s house here in Florida. At age 17, he dropped out of school and moved to Orlando, Florida permanently. He became lead singer of the band Tabitha’s Secret. It was here that he would meet future drummer Paul Doucette and bassist Brian Yale. After picking up two other guitarists--Adam Gaynor (who would later leave the band) and Kyle Cook--Matchbox Twenty was born, quickly picking up a record deal and releasing their first hit “Long Day” from their freshman album Yourself or Someone Like You. Although this more mellow sound would take a lot of heat from critics and be dubbed another tragic one-hit wonder band for that decade (Barbie Girl anyone?), the band would soon have a string of hits such as “3 AM” and “Push”. Teenage girls began to swoon and boys began to learn the opening riff too “Real World”. Radio traded a hard angsty view of the world for the more mellow observations.

Rob Thomas made an even bigger name for himself after releasing “Smooth” a song from legend Carlos Santana’s comeback Album Supernatural. This song would go on to win Thomas three Grammy Awards for writing and performing on "Smooth", Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Popular Music Collaboration with Vocals, thus solidifying not only his own staying power but the band’s as well!

Although they have taken many hiatuses since their 1995 debut, they have released four successful albums with songs like “Bent”, “If Your Gone”, “Disease” and “Unwell”. Their most recent album, North, was released in September 2012, the group’s first Number 1 on the Billboard Top 200!

Matchbox Twenty will hit the stage at St. Augustine Amphitheatre on Sunday, On March 17. Tickets are $39.50-$75. Gates open at 6 pm, the show starts at 7 pm! If you get the munchies during the show, you’ll find pizza, nachos, burgers, hot dogs, tuna wraps, turkey wraps, chicken sandwich, BBQ pork sandsich, candy, chips, popcorn, soft pretzels, coke, water, beer, and cocktails. Make sure you’re in the know about parking and seating and weather, etc. Click here for those details!

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