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Knighting Ceremony in St Augustine FL

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Knighting Ceremony in St Augustine FL

Isabella’s Garden, at the corners of Hypolita and St. George Streets, is where you will find the masses on Sunday afternoon, February 17, at 2 pm, as they gather for the Royal Family Knighting ceremony during which Herbie Wiles (Herbie Wiles Insurance) and Karen Harvey (historian and author) will receive honors for their good deeds and community contributions.

This is the first event of this year’s St. Augustine Easter Festival series, which came to fruition in 1957, thanks to the City of St. Augustine and Mrs. Eleanor Barnes, genealogist for St. Augustine. The Royal Family who reigned superior in Spain in 1672 when construction began on Castillo de San Marcos was Queen Marianna, King Carlos, and Princess Margarita Maria. It was Queen Mariana who commissioned the fort to be built to defend St. Augustine, and the 1957 committee deemed it appropriate that this Royal Trio represent St. Augustine foreverafter.

In order to portray the Royal Family Trio, members must be able to trace their ancestry back to those who accompanied Pedro Menendez on his famed 1565 journey. This year’s entourage traces ancestry from the Rogero, Masters, Sanchez, Hernandez, Pellicer, and Pomar families, and features Leslie Goode as Queen, John Patrick Rogero as King, and Jade Russell-Carter as Princess Margarita Maria.

The Royal Family will present both Wiles and Harvey with a medallion and a plaque.

Stay tuned this week for photos of the Knighting event, and click here to read more about the St. Augustine Easter Festival 2013 activities to include the Blessing of the Fleet on March 24, the Easter Parade and Promenade on March 31, and the Fromajardis Celebration and Royal Tea on April 14.