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19th Annual Gamble Rogers Folk Festival in St Augustine FL

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Click here to see more photos lf the 2012 Festival!

Gamble Rogers Folk Festival
May 3-5, 2013

This St Augustine bed and breakfast looks forward to welcoming the thousands of folk music fans that will flood into St. Augustine FL for the 19th Gamble Rogers Folk Festival from May 3-5, 2013, an annual tradition that honors Florida’s beloved troubadour. The entertainment lineup will feature more than 50 artists to include Claire Lynch, Flagship Romance, Sam Pacetti, Small Potatoes, Grant Peeples, and local favorite Katherine Archer.

Gamble Rogers was Florida's famous troubadour (a poet who writes verse to music) was born in Winter Park FL. He was born to a loving family of famous architects and other over-achievers. His pull to performing was always strong. While on his way to a job interview at Cambridge Seven (a Massachusetts architectural firm), he stopped in New York by way of invitation of a friend to watch an audition for the Serendipity Singers. That love for performing compelled him to audition himself, and the rest is history! He played around Florida and the rest of the country for years. He was a mentor to many, to include Jimmy Buffett. The two often took to the back roads of the Sunshine State, sharing their folk artistry and storytelling talents. Buffett later dedicated his album Fruitcakes to Rogers. Rogers went on to become a regular contributor to the NPR program “All Things Considered”. He and his wife Nancy bought a home on Anastasia Island where they enjoyed kayaking, bike riding, and camping (Anastasia Island being the perfect place for such things).

On the local circuit, Rogers often took the stage at St. Augustine’s Tradewinds Lounge on Charlotte Street—a bar then well known for its hecklers. Rogers never got angry; rather, he took it in stride, occasionally heckling back, always shaking hands with the nay sayers.

On October 10, 1991, Rogers and Nancy were camping on a Florida Beach. A frightened young girl ran to Rogers, announcing that her father was in trouble with the surf. Even though Rogers (who suffered from spinal arthritis since childhood) grabbed an air mattress and forged into the surf to save the little girl’s father. Sadly, neither man survived.
Gamble Rogers was laid to rest in Palm Cemetery in Winter Park FL. His head stone reads “The Florida Troubadour”. He was honored with two medals of heroism--one from Carnegie Hero Fund, the other from Kiwanis International Foundation.
Less, than a year following his death, the state park where he lost his life was renamed Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area. The coquina rock features a plaque bestowing him the title “Beloved Guitarist, Storyteller, and Gentleman”.

If you're not convinced this festival is something you will enjoy, read this fabulous article about Gamble and check out the schedule of events below. There is absolutely something for everyone! And be sure to check our availability when considering where to stay! We're right across the street from Friday evening's events and a quick jaunt from the Amphitheatre. Bayfront Westcott House Bed and Breakfast -- we'll coordinate your every wish and spoil you every second.

Gamble Rogers Folk Festival 2013 Schedule of Events

Friday - Municipal Marina at the foot of the Bridge of Lions - $10 pp
5-6 pm Ancient City Slickers
6-6:40 pm Lonesome Bert and the Skinny Lizards
7-7:40 pm The Driftwoods
8-8:40 pm The Nouveaux Honkies
9-9:40 pm Ben Prestage

Saturday - St. Augustine Amphitheatre - $35 pp
12-12:40 pm The Morse Family Band
12:40-1:20 pm The New 76ers
1:20-2 pm Maja Gitana
2-2:40 pm The Rubies
2:40-3:20 Gove Scrivenor
3:20-4 pm Passerine
4-4:40 pm Grant Peeples
4:40-5:20 pm James DeFrates & Susan Brown
5:20-6 pm Rod McDonald
6-6:40 pm Small Potatoes
7-7:40 Moors & McCumber
7:40-8:20 Flagship Romance
8:20-9 pm Sam Pacetti
9-10:30 pm Claire Lynch

Gazebo Stage
12-12:40 pm Bill & Eli Perras
12:40-1:20 pm Chris Kastle
1:20-2 pm The Skinny
2-2:40 pm Garrison Doles
2:40-3:20 pm Brian Smalley
3:20-4 pm Sweetest Punch
4-4:40 pm Joe Mark
4:40-5:20 pm Collapsible B
5:20-6 pm Al Poindexter & River Rise
6-6:40 pm Storytelling Sims

Pickers Stage
12-12:40 Cracker the Box
12:40-1:20 pm Mike Howard
1:20-2 pm Katherine Archer
2-2:40 pm Lucky Mud
2:40-3:20 pm Jim Carrick
3:20-4 pm Hart Line
4-4:40 pm Charley Simmons
4:40-5:20 pm Larry Mangum
5:20-6 pm Dunehoppers
6-6:40 pm Wild Shiners

Side Stage
12-12:40 pm Paradox
12:40-1:20 pm Aslyn & The Naysayers
1:20-2 pm Amanda & Scott Anderson
2-2:40 pm The Ashley Gang
2:40-3:20 pm Miss Laney Jones
3:20-4 pm Tammerlin
4-4:40 pm Rachel Carrick
4:40-5:20 pm Bob & Joline Patterson
5:20-6 pm Scott & Michelle Dalziel
6-6:40 pm I Remember Gamble Contest

Sunday - St. Augustine Beach Pier Noon - ??
Full day of FREE music.

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