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Breaking News: Chicago Moves South!

Attention all hippies, baby boomers, brat packers, and everyone else whose love-life soundtrack includes songs like “If You Leave Me Now”, Hard to Say I’m Sorry”, “Colour My World”, “Hard Habit To Break”, “Love Me Tomorrow”, “Stay The Night”, or “You’re The Inspiration”... Chicago (The Band) will be moving south to the Nation’s Oldest City for one night only, Sunday, April 7. Be sure to get your tickets early because the top section is almost sold out!

Chicago (also known as Chicago Transit Authority) hit the music scene during a time of love, peace, and chicken grease! The American-formed band that self-described itself once as a “rock and roll band with horns” formed in 1697, in of course the city of Chicago, Il. It began as an experimental band with a political charge. Soon, it would segway into a gentler sound that would lead them to be known as one of the best rock ballad bands of all time.

Originally known as The Big Thing, the band would so soon pick up local tenor and bassist Peter Cetera and did many cover band gigs. Once they reached a certain level of popularity, they began work on original tunes and moved to L.A.

Unlike most freshman bands, when Chicago released its first album, Chicago Transit Authority (also known as Chicago I), it was a double record release – quite unheard of during that time, especially for a brand new band. The “official” Chicago Transit Authority threated a lawsuit over the name, propelling the name change to just Chicago.

The 80s witnessed huge success for Chicago, with their new lovelorn sound and the release of their 16th album, aptly titled Chicago 16, that featured one of their biggest hits “Hard To Say I’m Sorry”. Much to this author’s initial dismay, Cetera left the band in 1985 and went on to have a very successful solo career. Much to this author’s delight, the vocals of current Chicago band member Jason Scheff have the same bring-you-to-tears power as do that of Cetera!

With the birth of the Seattle grunge scene and boy bands galore, the 90s were not as kind to the band. “Stone of Sisyphus” would see only one song go to the charts and then only peek at #66 with their song “Chasin the Wind

During the new milineum, Chicago would tour with groups like the Doobie Brothers, and Earth Wind and Fire. In as recently as 2010, they even made an appearance on American Idol, bringing them to the forefront as national music Icons.

So guys from the 80s, don’t wonder “What Kind of Man Would I Be”, be the man who brings your wife to St. Augustine to see Chicago! Having relationship troubles? Don’t sit there saying “Where Do We Go From Here”… come here, to St. Augustine Amphitheatre and let Chicago’s lyrics reignite your passion! Relationship-status-single brat-packers, it’s okay to come alone because “Love Will Come Back!”

Current band members include founding members Robert Lamm, Lee Loughnane, James Pankow, and Walt Parazaider; Jason Scheff (vocalist); Tris Imboden (drummer), Keith Howland (lead guitarist since 1995); Lou Pardini (Grammy-nominated keyboardist, songwriter, vocalist); and Walfredo Reyes, Jr. (percussion). The gates open at 6:30, and the show starts at 8 pm. Ticket prices range from $54.85 to $75.80.

Of course you’ll want to secure your lodging now; this St Augustine bed and breakfast has 5 rooms left! Check in late afternoon, grab a glass of wine or a beer and some hors d’ouevres during the Inn’s social hour, avoid the inevitable pre and post traffic jams by taking a $7 cab ride to the Amphitheatre, enjoy the show, and then head out for a late dinner with those fabulous tunes in your head, a glisten in your eye, and a song in your heart!

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Chicago St. Augustine Amphitheatre