• St Augustine BB butterfingers homemade party

Myra's Butterfinger Bits

Candy corn, 2-1/2 cups
Creamy peanut butter, 1 cup
Semisweet or dark chocolate, 1 cup
Shortening (optional), 1 tablespoon
Milk chocolate for drizzling (optional), 1/4 cup

- Pour candy corn into a heatproof, medium-sized bowl; microwave for 1 minute.
- Stir well with rubber spatula.
- Heat in 30-second increments until almost melted.
- Add peanut butter, stir and microwave another 30 s econds or until peanut butter is fully melted and completely incorporated with the candy corn.
- Line an 8 x 8 inch baking pan with aluminum foil.
- Pour candy corn mixture into the prepared pan and spread in an even layer.
- Refrigerate for 1 hour or until set.
- Remove from fridge and cut into strips and then squares.