Top St Augustine Attraction

This is not the run-of-the-mill promotion. We wish simply to raise awareness (and funds) for a noteworthy local nonprofit corporation -- St Augustine Wild Reserve.

This St Augsutine bed and breakfast will donate $25 to St Augustine Wild Reserve for each couple who spends 2 nights at Bayfront Westcott House and also purchases 2 tickets to Wild Reserve's guided tour of their 7-acre compound. Tours are conducted on Wednesday and Saturday each week.

Tour tickets are $30 per person. Show us your ticket stubs when you return from the tour, and we will make the donation. With your $60 spent on tickets and our $25 donation, that is $85 going directly to the Reserve!

You of course are still able to take advantage of any of our regular promotions.

Aside from being voted as the #1 St Augustine Attraction on Trip Advisor, Wild Reserve is a rescue center for unwanted exotic animals.

Many individuals obtain an exotic pet and later realize that the animal's wild nature doesn't fit into their life (or their household) as expected. The Reserve will take in unwanted exotic animals as an alternative to euthanasia.

Some of the Reserve’s animals came from abusive homes.

Two wolves were rescued when their owner was involved in a fatal auto accident.

Many of the animals at Wild Reserve were confiscated by wildlife agencies from individuals who held these animals without proper state permits, or who starved their animals and kept them in inferior conditions.

Five Arctic wolves and an African lion were received from Michael Jackson, who no longer wanted them at his ranch near Santa Barbara.

To learn more about the 7-acre guided tour and to see the group's wishlist and how you can help, visit