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Dressing Downton, Changing Fashion for Changing Times is an exquisite exhibition of 36 costumes and accessories paired to perfection in engaging vignettes, immersed amongst Otto Lightner’s collection of turn of the century fine art and furniture. Many museum pieces in storage and others presently being restored will be on view for the first time as a part of the exhibition. Dressing Downton will be masterfully displayed in the Museum’s Grand Ballroom Gallery.

The series Downton Abbey explores the lives of its aristocratic inhabitants and their servants – together with the latest fashion trends. The exhibition presents a costume history of the period surrounding World War I, a period that changed the social fabric of Great Britain. A fine selection from the series’ wardrobe reflects on the changing times through fashion from 1912 to the mid-1920s.

Read more about Lightner Museum's Dressing Downton™ events like the the opening reception at Lightner Museum’s Grand Ballroom Gallery; the afternoon teas hosted by Cafe Alcazar; the Upstairs/Downstairs that allows you to explore areas of the museum typically closed to the public for this personal and in-depth experience, and more.