St Augustine on Screen

Not only does St. Augustine celebrate theatrics, threatre has had a longstanding crush on St Aug! Our city has provided the backdrop for many a film presentation, from news reports to tourist channels to the big screen. Click here for a list of shooting locations for the film The Celestine Prophecy! Local Historian David Nolan dates St Aug's film career all the way back to 1915 when the Castillo doubled as an Arabian castle in an episode of The Perils of Pauline; check out his article. See more clips below! We were able to find some great clips and movie trailers. Enjoy!

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Starring Gary Cooper
Starring Rob Lowe!
St. Augustine, Florida, 1969. An eight-year-old boy's wish to see the fireworks from atop the city's lighthouse is complicated by his odd neighbors, abusive peers, and hopeless parents. The young boy's seemingly simple goal develops into a struggle in which his life, both internal and corporeal, hangs in the balance.